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With over 30 years of experience manufacturing products for the modern bathroom, WETSTYLE is shaped by a passion for design and superior quality with an eye for detail. By marrying original design, exceptional craftsmanship and high-end materials, WETSTYLE creates one-of-a-kind soaking bathtubs, sinks, shower bases and furnishings for the contemporary bathroom environment.


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Earning its standing as a design leader in the field, WETSTYLE has been the recipient of industry awards and international recognition for product excellence. From the breathtaking, seashell-inspired design of the Couture bathtub to the modular M Collection and the innovative Round Platter accessory, the long list of accolades touches on all spheres of the company’s product offerings. Additionally, WETSTYLE’s proprietary eco-friendly material, WETMAR BiO™ was recognized in the green innovation category as the industry’s first recipe for soy and mineral stone used in the fabrication of composite bath fixtures.


WETSTYLE is firmly rooted in green design, in both its products and its practices. WETSTYLE’s low-carbon footprint is due in part to the company’s unique artisanal manufacturing process, where products are created almost entirely by hand from start to finish.

WETSTYLE’s products are hand-forged locally in Montreal, Canada, ensuring that fuel and transport costs are a fraction of those of volume-based manufacturers who outsource production to overseas factories. Woods used in WETSTYLE’s furniture collections are harvested using renewable forestry techniques, and the company’s scrupulous efficiency in production allows for a waste and scrap rate of less than 1%.

High-quality materials and timeless design ensure product longevity and durability, while ease of repair minimizes waste and energy consumption.


Opening Winter 2019

Starting in the winter 2019, WETSTYLE will be headquartered at a new location on the South Shore of Montreal in the cutting-edge, environmentally friendly Saint-Bruno Ecopark. The state-of-the art facility will be custom-designed for expanded production capabilities, new corporate offices, an extensive showroom space and a dedicated product training area for agents, sales representatives and design professionals.

The WETSTYLE furniture factory is located in Montreal’s Rosemont district and employs skilled cabinet makers. All vanities and wood products are made from FSC certified woods, formaldehyde free, CARB compliant and use Low to No VOC adhesives.




Every piece of furniture that leaves the WETSTYLE factory is a work of art, created in Quebec and assembled with the utmost craftsmanship. Behind the artistry is a unique process, research, development, testing, imagination and a team of dedicated innovators and makers. The WETSTYLE Design Lab pushes the envelope, bringing together the creative strengths and experience of Mark Wolinsky (President), Édouard Bourgault Parisé (Creative and Marketing Director) and Louis-Philippe Bouchard (Industrial Design and Project Manager) to constantly generate fresh ideas, create timeless takes on the classics and produce new designs to elevate the bathroom environment. Innovation is paramount at WETSTYLE Design Lab, where the latest trends are brought to life in the form of pieces that transform spaces and always inspire.