5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

mark / 02.17.22

5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Inviting people over can be daunting, especially when you have yet to perfect your guest bathroom! This is why we crafted 5 tips to creating the perfect guest bathroom. Creating a welcoming environment for guests is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to designing a guest bathroom. It should be a clean, fresh space that’s equipped with plenty of privacy and has everything your guests will need to feel at home.

5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

1. Free Up Floor Space

Remember that a room will appear larger when as many elements as possible are affixed to the walls rather than placed on the floor, like most traditional furniture. By freeing up floor space, wall-mounted furniture can be an ideal option for small bathrooms. “I always suggest to my clients with small bathrooms to use wall-mounted furniture and toilets.  This will help to create a larger visual feel to the space,” says Michael Hodge, Account Manager of the architecture and design division at AF New York.

2. Lighten Up the Space

Harmonize your color palette by choosing pastel colors, neutral colors or different shades of white. By using a light color palette, each element has the appearance of a bigger space, and large format tiles add to the illusion of larger space. It is important to have adequate lighting to keep the bathroom bright. Make sure you know the placement of pot lighting before calling in the electrician. Don’t forget how effective sconces and candles can be for creating a warm, inviting glow.

3. Create a Clutter-Free Zone

A third trick is not to be distracted by things like knobs or handles.  Consider choosing sleek pieces with integrated hand pulls. A good rule of thumb is to pick one piece of furniture for storage rather than having multiple pieces scattered around the room, which can make the room appear cluttered.

Quick Tip: If you’re looking to store and accessorize your linens, we recommend these stylish wall-mounted towel racks. The free-standing towel holder in the C2 Collection will look great in many bathrooms, and can greatly enhance the way a space is organized. These complements are a reliable way to ensure your washroom stays tidy while giving it a modern look.

4. Accessorize

The key to guest bathroom decor is to keep things simple. It is important that your guests have their own space while they are staying in your home. This means they’ll need a bit of room to unpack — including soaps, toothbrushes and cleansing supplies. Consider also adding space for makeup, toilettries and all the rest.

Avoid countertop clutter by sticking with the basics: A vase with a bit of greenery, perhaps, or glass jars with cotton balls and cotton swabs. Stock cabinets or shelves with plenty of towels and toilet paper. If you have the space on a spare shelf, place a few bath bombs, a candle, or something else for color and scent. Leave the rest to your guests!

BAUHAUS Black Matte Vanity

5. A New Vanity!

Vanities are among the more expensive upgrades you can make. They are also the most important! Replace an outdated or damaged vanity with a newer one! Go with a vanity that has a smart design that maximizes the amount of storage space. Keep in mind – a vanity is one of the focal points of the room when shopping for the bathroom. If you want to add personality to your bathroom, then don’t be afraid to go big on something stylish.



These are some of our top ideas for guest bathroom decor and design! If you’re looking for more, or if you need supplies to make your upgrades, be sure to shop WETSTYLE for the latest in everything bathroom.


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