Raffles Boston Back Bay

Boutique Hotel / Boston, MA

Year of Construction 2022
Our place in Boston’s past, present and future
From the Boston Tea Party to the start of the American Revolutionary War, Boston’s history shaped the world. An intellectual and artistic capital, with some of the most revered writers, composers, artists, painters, and visionaries of the 20th century calling Boston home, it’s also an epicenter of academic excellence and sport. At Raffles Boston, we celebrate not only the exceptional character of the city but the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants, channeling their passion, curiosity, approachability, and warmth. To that, we are proud to add the luxury, glamour, and extraordinary service for which Raffles is known all over the world. Additionally, we, as Wetstyle, have proudly contributed to this remarkable project by crafting custom two-tone bathtubs for Raffles Boston and installing our BBE01 products in the residences of this project.