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4 Stunning New Collections

WETSTYLE presents four new collections : Feel, Lab, Stellé and Mood. Download the 2019.1 Addendum 2019.1 for all the details.


NEW Element Raffiné Collection and more

The Element Raffiné collection is the perfect embodiment of Scandinavian design: beauty through simplicity, featuring pure lines without any extra embellishment. The impeccable quality and finish of this minimalist collection lend an elegant and serene atmosphere to the bathroom. Element Raffiné will blend in seamlessly with both contemporary and classic decors.

NEW Frame Linea Collection and more

Frame Linea is the next generation of the award-winning Frame collection, inspired by traditional Japanese architectural elements, combining elegance with function. The signature floating fixtures that make up this line add panache to your walls while maintaining a sense of lightness.

NEW Déco Collection and more

With its flowing lines and curved finishes, the Déco collection reinvents Art Deco style with a modern twist, bringing softness and simplicity to the bathroom. Smooth textures combined with the warmth of wood accents take relaxation to a new level, immersing you in a world of elegance in the bath.

Design on a Dime

WETSTYLE is participating in this year’s Design on a Dime NYC, a fundraising event to end AIDS and homelessness and we’d love for you to join the festivities.  

NEW C2 Collection

The tubular lines and minimalist style of the C2 Collection create a hip, modern look for an urban environment. Thanks to its sleek structure, C2 features a small, uncluttered footprint, making it ideal for small bathrooms.