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Bathtub Ove


Includes: BOV01-66-BNNT-MA BATHTUB - BOV 01-66 OVE COLLECTION 66 X 30 X 25 - NO TRIM O/F AND WHITE DRAIN- MATTE WHITE / Wood Bridge, Pop-Up Drain, Pop-Up Drain, PLUG & BATHE™

Drain and Overflow Trim Finishing Options May Be Changed Upon Request, Contact Customer Service For Assistance [email protected]

Design: Wetstyle Design Lab

Keyword: Sensuality

From the OVE collection, this large tub features sleek curves and slender rounded edges, with a capacity that is able to comfortably accommodate two people in the same bath. Stylish and graceful, yet sturdy and expertly crafted, the BOV 01-66 soaking tub is luxurious yet functional. Available in True High Gloss or Matte white finishes and made from ecologically friendly composite WETMAR BiO material, this tub is designed with lovers in mind. Experience the comfort of climbing into a warm bath with the one you love for an intimate evening of relaxation in this spacious freestanding bathtub. Spend a night in with your partner, treat yourself to the simple pleasure or a warm bath, and remember: you can’t spell “love” without OVE.
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Leaf Icon WETMAR BiO™ is an eco-friendly thermo-insulating composite material composed of soy and mineral stone.




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