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Storage Cabinet



Includes: M58ST-12 M COLLECTION STORAGE CABINET, 58" x 4 1/2", WALNUT NATURAL (PAIRS WITH M6010WM or M6010WM vanities)

Design: Joël Dupras

Keyword: Modular

WETSTYLE’s M Collection is inspired by minimalist design trends with an emphasis on the importance of modular design. Taking cues from Japanese design trends, this flexible series incorporates many customizable features, allowing you to create the bathroom fixture that best suits your needs, no matter how specific. This cabinet is available in a range of sizes, and features an all-natural wood finish with premium coating that ensures it is moisture resistant and durable. This versatile fixture allows you to create your dream bathroom, giving you the option to choose whether or not you would prefer extra storage or a specific colour to match the aesthetic you are creating. Freedom of choice is luxurious – experience the power of M.
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WOOD: All natural wood finishes, may differ from sample or pictures as wood grains vary somewhat from piece to piece. This adds natural beauty and character making each made-to-order piece unique in veining, grain, pattern and color.

HIGH GLOSS LACQUER #41: High Gloss finish on the front of the door(s) only. Rest of the unit is in White Mat.

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