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Includes: S2158-16 FURNITURE NICHE - FS - 26 X 21 5/8 - WALNUT CHOCO

Design: WETSTYLE Design Lab

Keyword: Practical

Find your Niche; WETSTYLE presents this unique collection of storage units, ideal to hold small towels, decorative items, or other bathroom essentials in a stylish yet functional shelving unit that draws the eye while optimizing storage space. This fixture is part of the Niche Collection, a sleek freestanding shelf defined by its geometric corners and vivid lines. Available in a number of luxurious finishes and colours, including oak, walnut, or premium Mozambique or eucalyptus wood, this durable shelf is sealed with a water resistant coating, and designed to pair with Cube Collection bathtubs. This niche is a fashionable addition to any contemporary bathroom. Practical design meets stylish geometry in the Niche Collection, only from WETSTYLE.
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