Vessel Sinks Style Options

mark / 12.05.23

round vesssel sink

Vessel Sinks: Different Styles

Vessel sinks are an excellent way to enhance your bathroom’s style and functionality. They come in various shapes and styles, each offering unique advantages and aesthetics. In this 1000-word article, we’ll explore different shapes of sinks, including square, rectangular, round, and the distinction between double and single faucet sinks.


Square vessel sinks are known for their clean lines and modern appearance. They offer a sharp, geometric look that fits well in contemporary bathrooms. These sinks typically feature right angles and a flat bottom, providing ample space for washing your hands and maintaining a sleek, minimalist design. Square sinks are versatile and can complement various countertop materials and bathroom decor styles. They are often available in materials like ceramic, glass, stone, and metal.

square vessel sink


Rectangular vessel sinks share similarities with square ones but offer an elongated shape. They provide a more spacious surface area for washing and are particularly practical for shared bathrooms. The elongated design is also well-suited for double faucet sinks, allowing two users to comfortably access the sink simultaneously. Rectangular sinks maintain the modern, clean look of square sinks while offering additional space for various bathroom tasks.


Round vessel sinks are timeless and classic. They feature a circular shape with a curved bottom, which can evoke a sense of harmony and balance in the bathroom. These sinks are often favored for their elegant and simple design, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles. Round sinks are typically made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, or even natural stone. They can be an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space might be limited.

Double Faucet

Double faucet vessel sinks are specifically designed to accommodate two faucets. These sinks are larger and wider than standard single faucet sinks, making them perfect for shared bathrooms. The extended surface area allows two users to access the sink at the same time without feeling crowded. Double faucet sinks are available in various shapes, such as rectangular and oval, offering both functionality and style. They come in materials like ceramic, glass, and stone, providing options to suit different bathroom designs.

Single Faucet

Single faucet vessel sinks are the most common type of vessel sink and are perfect for individual use. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom’s design and space. Single faucet sinks provide a focal point in the bathroom, adding an element of elegance and style. They can be made from diverse materials like ceramic, glass, porcelain, and metal, ensuring you can find one that matches your preferences.

In summary, vessel sinks come in various shapes, each offering its unique appeal. Square sinks provide a modern and geometric look, while rectangular sinks offer extra space for shared bathrooms. Round sinks exude timeless elegance, and double faucet sinks are designed for convenience and practicality in larger bathrooms. Single faucet sinks remain a versatile and classic choice for individual use. The choice of shape depends on your bathroom’s size, style, and your specific needs, so you can select the vessel sink that best suits your space and complements your design preferences.