What is your tub made of?

WETSTYLE / 01.23.20

What to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub?

When selecting a tub for your upcoming renovation project, there are a range of things to consider. The size, shape, and functionality of a bathtub are things that are often taken into account, but something that many people overlook is oftentimes the most important; how does the tub feel? Is it energy efficient? Will this tub last if used frequently? Bathtubs are often made from two materials, acrylic or cast iron, but WETSTYLE uses a unique, third material when crafting their luxury bathroom fixtures: WETMAR BiO.

What is WETMAR BiO?

WETMAR BiO is the industry’s first, and only, organic composite material. This substance is made from a natural stone composite mixed with soy and corn vegetable-based resin that holds the material together. This ecologically friendly resin replaces the petrochemical binding agents that are frequently used in the bathroom fixture industry to hold their materials together.

What Makes WETMAR BiO Special?

Why does WETSTYLE use WETMAR BiO material instead of acrylic or cast iron? There are a number of benefits to using WETMAR BiO that set it apart from its competitors. This material possesses natural anti-slip properties, while also proving to be a strong and durable material that lasts the test of time.

WETMAR BiO also possesses thermal insulation properties allowing the owner to expend less energy while taking a bath; this material retains the heat from bath water longer and does not need to warm up like cast iron, allowing you to dip into the warmth of the tub earlier. WETMAR BiO is non-porus, meaning that it is mold and mildew resistant, and impervious to stains. This material is also UV resistant so it will not fade or suffer from discoloration when exposed to the sun’s rays.

Learn More About WETMAR BiO’s Benefits

WETMAR BiO is lightweight, since it is made from a blend of composite materials, with the average tub weighing approximately 150 pounds, where cast iron tubs can weigh as much as 600 pounds. This material is also easily repairable; scratches and abrasions can be buffed out or sanded on site, and can be polished with a cloth and white polishing compound for automobiles.

Due to a seamless design, there are no joints or seams in WETMAR BiO tubs from which water can leak. This material is also advantageous as it allows for more complex shapes to be formed, with sharper angles if desired; WETMAR BiO is a versatile material, and is able to fit comfortably in a broader range of spaces than acrylic and cast iron tubs. This material is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and can be scrubbed with regular bathroom cleaning products.

How Does WETMAR BiO Stack Up Next to Acrylic or Cast Iron Tubs?

Now that we know the benefits of WETMAR BiO material, we are left with a final question; how does it compare to acrylic and cast iron fixtures? The thermal insulation of WETMAR BiO allows for it to use less energy via its ability to retain heat, where acrylic lacks thermo-insulation and has difficulty maintaining heat. Cast iron pulls its heat from the water, and while it will retain the temperature of its water for longer than acrylic, it is less energy efficient as it takes longer to heat its metal walls. Where WETMAR BiO is slip resistant, acrylic is slippery when wet, and cast iron is extremely slippery when wet, to the point where grips on the bottom of the tub are required by law as a safety measure.

When it comes to durability, WETMAR BiO has the advantage due to its ease of repair and UV resistance, where acrylic is prone to staining, cracks and scratches (though they can be repaired) and is susceptible to discoloration. The durability of cast iron tubs is dependent on its enamel coating; once the coating begins to wear, cast iron will experience colour fading, stains, and can even rust and chip in areas where the enamel has dissolved.

WETMAR BiO is the Building Material of the Future

WETSTYLE prefers to use WETMAR BiO due to the range of benefits it has over acrylic and cast iron tubs. This ecologically friendly composite material touts a diverse set of benefits, and is ideal for the modern home. If you have any questions regarding WETMAR BiO material, or would like to speak with one of our professionals regarding our fixtures, contact our team of experts today!