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Includes: VC836U-O-NT-GA CUBE VESSEL SINK UNDER MOUNT 36 x15 x 4 1/4 - BUILT IN NO TRIM O/F- LEGACY WHITE GLOSSY / Drain not included

For Faucet Holes (1, 3, 0) and Overflow Trim Finishing Options, Contact Customer Service For Assistance [email protected]

Design: Wetstyle Design Lab

Keyword: Versatility

From the CUBE Collection, the VC 836U undermount sink is a geometrically designed lavatory that seamlessly merges stylish aesthetics with functional bathroom fixtures. Created from ecologically friendly WETMAR BiO composite material, this sink is an elegant washbasin that features striking corners, and a lustrous True High Gloss or Matte white finish. Combine this washbasin with a custom made vanity and a quartz countertop to create a sleek look that is sure to draw the eye. A favourite of modern interior designers, the CUBE collection is defined by its subtlety. Drawing inspiration from vintage bathroom fixture design, this collection propels classical design into the contemporary home. Discover the power of simplicity – embrace the CUBE.
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Leaf Icon WETMAR BiO™ is an eco-friendly thermo-insulating composite material composed of soy and mineral stone.




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