Should I get a shower or a bathtub for my bathroom?

WETSTYLE / 11.15.22

Choosing the correct fixtures for your renovation can be daunting, especially when it comes to deciding whether or not your space would be better suited to a bathtub or a shower. These pieces are arguably the focal point of your space, each having functional benefits as well as complimenting the bathroom’s aesthetics.   If you are designing a space with a classic look or prefer modern décor consider the advice below to help make your choice easier.

Bathtubs are a perfect addition to any bathroom that will be used as a place to relax. Ideal for larger spaces, tubs require more floor space than the more compact showers, and also are more of a commitment to use and less convenient for morning routines.  A tub is well suited to a space designed with a classic aesthetic in mind. Freestanding tubs lend themselves well to spacious rooms, and are meant for longer soaks while getting cozy with a book and some candles. Tubs can also work in smaller spaces, but are not the most economic use of your space. If you must absolutely have a bathtub, Wall-adjacent and alcove tubs are designed to fit in spaces both big and small with less floor-space, creating a smaller private bathroom adjacent to a bedroom or other personal bathrooms.

Showers are ideal for spaces with a modern aesthetic. Due to their versatility, a shower can fit in rooms both big and small, with shower bases available for any size bathroom and specific sizes that fit your space available. A shower is better suited to shared bathrooms or spaces devoted to preparing for your day, especially those with modern-style fixtures. Shower bases range in size, with smaller squared bases ideal for small rooms and longer, rectangular ones better suited for large rooms. A shower is ideal for a person who is not going to use a bathroom as a space to relax, simply as a functional fixture.



Still having a hard time deciding on whether you want a tub or a shower? Then consider a bathtub shower combination fixture for the best of both worlds! Ideal for small to midsize rooms, the bathtub shower combination is perfect for a shared bathroom that functions as a space to get ready for your day in the morning and a relaxing space in the evening. Bathtub-shower’s are also designed with a lower height, making it easier to use for people with limited mobility. These fixtures are also ideal for families with young children, as their design is optimized for bathing a child.


When planning your upcoming renovation, it’s important to put thought into what kind of fixtures will fit into your space while also keeping the value of your property in mind. For larger rooms, and spaces with a vintage or classic aesthetic, a bathtub is better suited, where a shower is more versatile and can fit in spaces both big and small. For those who are looking to create a space where they can get ready in the morning and relax at night, a combination bathtub shower is the best option. For those renovating their space with the intention to sell it in the future, a family house should have at least one tub, while smaller dwellings such as condos are usually better suited for showers as they are occupied by a younger demographic. If you have questions regarding your upcoming renovation project or would like to speak with a professional regarding the planning stages of your space, reach out to our team here; they will ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming project.


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